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Guiding you Through Change

Are you ready to step into your

authentic self?

We both know sacrificing yourself isn't going to work for much longer


'Coming Home' is a 6 month program designed to help millennial women of color heal their connection to self through spirituality, inner child

Being there for others
has always come easy to you

When you became an adult you wanted your independence to have the freedom of living life how you wanted to live it


You envisioned a life where you could:

Make your own decisions


Honor your needs and wishes


Feel fully accepted

Instead, the story went like this


It's difficult to make your own decisions because honoring yourself makes you feel like a 'bad' __________


You tend to go with the 'flow' to avoid the reactions others may have


It's become a vicious cycle that you feel stuck in

You are not alone

My clients have been there too...

They usually come to therapy feeling stuck, confused and lost within themselves. They all 

They all had one thing in common, they realized that there are patterns or cycles they kept engaging in that did not benefit them or fulfill their needs.

  • Your relationships don't feel balanced, and you struggle with making decisions

  • You get nervous when you have to speak up for yourself and either don't do it or do it in a way that does not benefit you

  • You have poor boundaries and may ignore how you're feeling and instead try to go with the "flow"

  • You don't feel understood or seen by others

  • Your relationship with your caregivers could be better, but you have either given up trying to get them to understand you or you still try to get them to see the light- which tends to be difficult


In my practice, I...

  • Do not to tell you where to go or what decisions to make, instead I support and help provide light in the paths you choose to follow

  • Create a calm, grounded and warm space for you

  • Authentically show up, being 100% myself (relaxed & no uptightness)

  • Incorporate spirituality into sessions; providing spiritual insight or messages to help clients progress through their healing process


Through our work, you will...

  • Identify the wounds that you have been carrying

  • Develop an awareness of how these wounds show up in your life & how they impact your spirit

  • Change your relationship with boundaries to create more balanced connections

  • Learn how to honor your light & protect your energy

  • Reclaim your inner power

  • & finally, feel connected to your authentic self


what are you waiting for?

Let's get started.

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