Image by Daria Nepriakhina


About Us

'Healing occurs when the mind, body & soul are in alignment.'

We are firm believers that in order to achieve optimal health, we need to tend to the whole self: mind, body & soul.

Our approach to healing is grounded in ancestral knowledge, spirituality and resiliency. Utilizing our professional expertise and the gifts our ancestors have granted us, we help you find your inner light, release what does not serve and heal towards your own liberation.

Our Story

We are Latinx and Bilingual healers, unifiying to provide you transformational services. Coming from marginalized and underserved communities ourselves, we recognize how important it is for our people to have access to healing with people that may look + sound like you, as well as in ways that may feel familiar.

-Representation matters-


Whether you are seeking therapy, spiritual guidance, a supportive community or something else- we are here to support you. 

Meet the woman behind the Brand

Our Values

You are the expert of your life
Our expertise is only to help you make sense of your experiences


You lead our way

Honoring your autonomy and decision making 

You are accepted and valued as you are

Reflecting honesty and integrity


Your treatment = Your goals

Teamwork makes the dream work


Your emotions and experiences matter to me

Fostering a supportive and nurturing relationship

-Trauma Informed-

You have wounds that need attention & care 

Respecting that trauma is pervasive and requires a safe environment to heal

You don't always have to say it
Utilizing our spiritual gifts to help guide your healing process