Become your ALIGNED true self
Develop BALANCED connections

What Happens Next?

1. Consultation

If we agree to move forward in working together, scheduling options would then be discussed and your first appointment will be scheduled. Upon scheduling of your first appointment, you are granted access to your online portal.

If it is determined that we would not be moving forward, I am more than willing to provide you with resources and or referrals to meet your needs (if available)

2. Online Portal

Your one-stop-therapy-shop; providing you access to electronic documents, your scheduled appointments and my booking calendar.


Through this electronic portal, you have the option to schedule and cancel sessions (see cancellation policy here). 

3. First Session

Prior to your first session, I will send you electronic documents for completion through your online portal. As part of the intake packet, you can expect to receive and sign/complete consent forms, practice policies and assessments. 

You will then receive an email with your unique video appointment link 36 hours before your appointment. At the time of your appointment, you would refer to this email and click on your link to connect for your session.

Need Something Different?

Are you new to therapy and wish you could get a "test drive" before committing?

Living with Intention



1-1 sessions with therapist where clients can make sense of and work through patterns of behaviors, past experiences and or current situations.




2-1 sessions with therapist where clients can work through unbalanced dynamics with one other person to develop healthier and more positive connections.



Interested in working together?

Schedule your 15-minute consultation now!

Finding a therapist can feel overwhelming when you're trying to find the right person.


It is important for us to get a feeling of what it would be like working together.


What you can expect:

I will ask you some questions and share a little about myself and my work. I will then leave the space open for you to ask any questions you may have.

Consultations are provided online via zoom.

Tel: (646) 470-0639

Fax: (718) 796-7956

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