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1-1 sessions with a licensed therapist where clients can gain deeper awareness, make sense of and work through past and present experiences to live a more intentional future.

$190 for 50 Minutes


A setting where a coach supports you and a group of other individuals in achieving a common goal. This type of setting offers you a community from which you can learn from, and on which you can also rely on for support and encouragement throughout your journey.

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Utilizing a deep meditative state, you are guided out of the noise of your everyday life and into stillness where you can access your soul's past life records. This allows you to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of why you think, feel, or behave the way you do.

$120 for 60 Minutes

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Reiki utilizes universal energy to promote balance within your mind, body & soul. It allows you to release whatever is stored or stuck in your bodies, rebalance your energy systems or chakras and reconnect to who you truly are. The use of crystals enhances the healing effects of Reiki.

$120 for 50 Minutes

I received my services from Alexmi and I couldn't be more pleased. She was so gentle and transparent that it made me feel so comfortable going into something I hadn't experienced before.

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