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Deepening Awareness

This is not like the typical therapy you may have had before or have heard about because this is not the typical therapist's practice.

Our approach to therapy is holistic, integrative and spiritual. We utilize the clinical foundation and skills that our academic training has taught us and incorporate spirituality as well as other holistic services to tailor your treatment. 

Utilizing our intuition and spiritual gifts deepens the work that we do with you and increases the level of support that you can receive from us.

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Identify as Black, Indigenous or Person of Color (BIPOC)
Feel like something has changed in you & you're not sure what or why

Wish to learn how to stop certain cycles or behaviors that have a hold on you
Tried different things in the past to regain your sense of self but still feel like you're falling short
Yearn for a different more inclusive and holistic experience this time around

Want to find a space that feels right for your cultural and or spiritual needs

Recognize that you want a different life than those before you

Ready to commit and end the generational cycles in your lineage
Struggle to speak up and exercising your full autonomy including setting boundaries
Struggle with shame and can't move past it
Struggle with your mental health & need the space to be simultaneously held and empowered

Understand the power of investing into yourself

Multiracial Hands

Children & Adolescents

Homework Help

Identify as Black, Indigenous or Person of Color (BIPOC)
Have experienced challenging situations that have impacted them

Are struggling in school and need support processing underlying issues
Have been bullied and you see the ways it has affected them

Are more irritable or isolated than they used to be

Struggle with anxiety or are always worried about things
Have difficulty communicating and either blow up or shut down

As their caregiver, you:

Understand the power of addressing these concerns early on

Are interested in finding a space that is right for their cultural and unique needs

Want to learn how to support them

Prioritize their wellbeing

Image by Anita Austvika

If you're here, chances are:

You are feeling stuck, lost and not living life authentically as you had envisioned. Instead, you are living life under the conditions that have been placed on you and utilizing the survival strategies that you have come to learn. You realize that this is a pattern or cycle that keeps happening, but you have trouble preventing it or understanding why it's happening in the first place. You're tired of living life this way and want to understand yourself deeper. Your mental health is a priority and you understand the level of work and commitment that it will require for you to become who you've always wanted to.

If you are ready to deepen your awareness, commit to yourself and overcome your obstacles

We support you with the following:



Life Transitions

School Issues


Inner child work


Relationship Issues

Trauma & PTSD

Generational Trauma


Codependent Relationships



Behavioral Issues


Identity Concerns

Family Conflict

Men's Issues



The 'Awakening' Journey



Not sure if we can help with what you're seeking, complete this FORM to ask us and we'll let you know!


In our practice, we...

  • Do not to tell you where to go or what decisions to make, instead we support and help provide light in the paths you choose to follow

  • Create a calm, grounded and warm space for you

  • Authentically show up, being 100% ourselves (relaxed & no uptightness)

  • Incorporate spirituality into treatment; providing spiritual insight or recommending alternative services to support your goals

Image by Sixteen Miles Out


Through our work, you will...

  • Identify the wounds and cycles that have kept you hostage

  • Develop an awareness of how these cycles show up in your life & how they impact you today

  • Learn to manage and regain your sense of control of self

  • Learn how to honor your light & protect your energy

  • Reclaim your inner power

  • & finally, embody your authentic self

why wait any longer than you already have?

Let's get started.

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