Word on the Streets ...

Alexmi is so good at what she does. She is intuitive and quick to pick up on the surface-level indications of deeper issues and meanings. I always leave each session reflective, with something to think about throughout the week leading up to my next session. I am so thankful to have found Alexmi !

I have had about three sessions with Alexmi. From the beginning I felt very comfortable with her as I have had not so great experience with other counselors before. I have a wide range of things that has happened in my life and it seems to be in a limbo. Alexmi has been very patient and supportive of the way I communicate with her as sometimes I know I can be all over the place. The most important aspect is that she listens and is very direct and to the point with me, which I love. I would love to continue working with Alexmi as I have already been able to feel comfortable and at ease with her! Thank you Alexmi.  

Really great listener, very empathetic and let’s me vent when needed. I love how intently she listens and offers me verification for how I am feeling and gives me ways to cope. I am now realizing a lot of what I am going through is due to unresolved issues from my past. I look forward to my meetings with her!

Alexmi is respectful, encouraging and understanding. She gives me the space and guidance to learn about myself in a positive way. She provides you with the encouragement and support where you need it.

Alexmi is insightful, tough and unconventional. She will challenge me on the things I say and my justifications for things - pushing me to go deeper. She has helped me through the crisis point at a very hard time in my life and given me tools for dealing things.

Alexmi is amazing. I love how warm and insightful she is. She is the best therapist I have ever had <3