Gain CLARITY of past + present + future

What is it?

Divination is a practice or gift that seeks to foretell + foresee future events or discover hidden knowlege by different metaphysical means.


Our spiritualist utilizes a variety of different methods to connect with your ancestors, spirit guides or Orishas, providing you clarity regarding past, present & future.

How does it happen?

Sessions at the moment are via telephone due to covid.


Depending on the type of service you book, the spiritualist will utilize the necessary tools to connect with the spiritual realm. This may be in the form of tarot cards, runes or shells etc.. The spiritualist may relay messages, answer questions, provide insight regarding events to come and make recommendations in your best interest. 

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Connecting to the Beyond

Alex Omo Inle

As an authentic spiritualist, Alex has helped & guided hundreds of his devoted followers worldwide. 


Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Alex Omo Inle has been seeing into the beyond and consulting since the age of eleven. Baptized in 21 Division, Voodoo, Palo Mayombe, and Espiritismo, Alex has baptized many people & helped them on their journey to success and prosperity. He is a clairvoyant spiritual medium and initiated priest of Santeria under his guardian angels of Yemaya and Inle.


Alex has his own Ile (spiritual home) and of his many gifts, includes the ability to make contact with those who have transitioned and reveal names. His motto is “I am straight forward, to the point and unfiltered.” His goal is always to give you as detailed a reading as possible, with as much information during your consultation as he can possibly provide. Alex’s insight is so clear that many times his clients find they do not need to ask a single question during their reading. 

Alex is experienced in the following: water gazing, tarot cards, Dilogun shell reading, Runes, palm readings, spiritual masses, candle making & numerology.

Book your appointment with him & prepare to be amazed by the depth of his gifts.


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