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MTM: Spiritual Release + Reconnection

Session 3

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Energy is within and around us at all times. Whenever you are engaging with someone, there is an energy exchange. Sometimes, this exchange serves to motivate and charge you while others drain you. The energetic field that we have around us- impacts the way in which we show up for ourselves as well as how we show up for our children, partners and loved ones. We will focus on the spiritual component to More than a ‘Mom’. We will tap into your core self & release all the heavy, low vibrational energy that you have been storing within. This energy may feel like stress, worry, anxiety, frustrations, sadness, irritability, moodiness, fatigue, mental blocks etc. Join us as we release the energy that no longer serves your mind, body + spirit & reconnect to the light within you with new, positive and intentional energy. We will be engaging in a collective energy healing experience, use guided meditations and intentional written release work.

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