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MTM: Conscious Mom

Session 9

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As you embark on the journey that is motherhood, you unconsciously take on certain behaviors and beliefs that your caregiver did + had with you. In essence, you learn to be a mom by watching how your caregiver interacted with you. Some of the behaviors + beliefs you may have taken on, no longer serve you or never actually did. Shifting your energy + mindset also entails shifting the behaviors + beliefs that you have ascribed to as a child and now as a mom. Join us as we explore the connections that exist between who you had as a caregiver & who you are as one now. You will identify the patterns of behaviors + beliefs that have been passed down to you. We will discuss what these things mean for you as well as how these things impact your role as a mom + being. You will become more aware of where certain emotions + behaviors come from. Dare to parent your way.

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