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MTM- Boundaries

Session 6

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People have so many different relationships + perceptions of this word and what it looks like. Unfortunately, due to family dynamics, experiences, traumas and the like- boundaries often feels difficult to engage with. This is something that as a mom (if you’re trying to end certain cycles from being passed on to your children) is ESSENTIAL! Having good and firm boundaries can help shift the dynamics in so many of your relationships as well as how you feel about yourself! There’s a level of empowerment that comes from having a good relationship with boundaries. Join us as we explore your relationship with boundaries. We will talk about the different relationships in your lives and how they support your boundaries and or strain them. We will discuss what good boundaries look like as well as what it takes to have them. We will process some of the anxiety and fears that stem from your relationship with boundaries and get to know them better. This session will be an empowering space where you work on taking back all of your glitter & if you don’t like glitter- then pick something else you do like!

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