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Poder Mental
Health Counseling

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Deepening your Awareness


Are you in a relationship where...

Trust has been broken,

Intimacy is lacking, 

Miscommunication happens often,

Children have entered the dynamic,

Infidelities have occurred,

Secrets are kept from each other,

Loss has occurred, 

Connection doesn't feel the same,

You feel suffocated,

Individuals recognize something has to change & are willing to collaboratively work towards that change

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Therapy can help...

Partner's understand & accept each other deeper,

Identify situations that have impacted connection, 

Re-establish trust & intimacy,

Intentionally connect with each other in meaningful ways,

Find your sense of self within the relationship,

Develop the skills to communicate more effectively,

Support the relationship in transitioning into a newer version,

Explore ways to re-ignite sparks after having kids,

Understand how ancestral patterns & trauma show up in your relationship,

Establish a common goal to work towards

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We provide support with...




Life Transitions



Generational/Ancestral Cycles



Trust Issues


Imbalanced Roles



Mental Illness Support

Not sure if we can help with what you're seeking, complete this FORM to ask us and we'll let you know!

Working Together

"Respecting the uniqueness of every relationship."

In our practice, we...


  • Do not to tell partners how to function

  • Create a calm, grounded and warm space for all to be heard & respected

  • Encourage authenticity & honesty from all

  • Support the relationship during uncomfortable periods of transition & unlearning.

  • Honor that partners know what they need

  • Trust in each person's contribution towards healthier balance

Image by Will O

Through our work...

  • Identify the dynamics that are happening and why

  • Develop an awareness of what role each partner plays in the relationship

  • Communicate more effectively with each other

  • Feel confident in expressing personal needs

  • Learn tools to better manage and repair ruptures

  • End ancestral cycles/patterns that do not serve the relationship

  • Determine what they want to work towards & how they want to move forward

Don't prolong the connection you desire


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