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Freeing yourself from Pains of the Past

We all have stories that we can share + release or retain and repeat. For many, holding on and repeating leads to getting caught up in our own experiences. What we feel today in the present often depends on our interpretation of our past experiences. Humans are said to be "meaning-creating machines"; we can all assign meaning to situations experienced in the past. The meanings we assign to our experiences can develop our beliefs about whether or not we can, whether or not we are worthy, and whether we are good enough or just barely hitting the mark. Freeing ourselves from the past means that we must learn to let go of the fundamentals to which we are used to committing ourselves.

This is not to deny the reality of the injustices experienced within the BIPOC community. "For example, racism, sexism and homophobia create barriers and concrete incidents of discrimination (Hooks, 2014)". Our self-esteem and resilience are how we respond to injustice. Allowing our past experiences to create blockages within our thinking adds to the already existing weight that can prevent us from experiencing our wildest dreams.

Our wildest dreams are ready to be born into the everyday world that we temporarily inhabit. Meditate on the question: "How do I define myself?" When we accept that the process of self-discovery and healing is ongoing, we can acknowledge the breakthroughs along the way. "There are times when you feel peaceful and happy and free. Other times you will become stuck in old ideas and behaviors and feel like you're barely making progress (Chaney, 1996) ".

"Through our earth journey, we’ve become involved in a series of events that are extremely meaningful to us—-as opposed to incidents that may have felt less meaningful (Chaney, 1996)." When we detach our present self from our backstory, we can learn and grow as a person. Over time, we can release the old ideas and behaviors that may keep us stuck.

The memories that are meaningful to us are energetically charged with a specific frequency or nervous system response. Some of these memories support our growth and some do not. These frequencies are responsible for the fear we feel and the doubt that arises when we want to take risks. That is why services such as therapy, past life regression, reiki, and reading your Akashic records can serve as a space to free yourself from the lingering effects of your past.

Inner child healing is also an effective way to shed what no longer serves you. In our modern society, which idolizes self-love, we must not forget the impact that our childhood has had on our way of thinking and being in our adult life. "We reluctantly admit it (Ackerman (Hooks), 2014)". While we need to acknowledge the roots of our fragile sense of self, it is also possible to allow those revelations to consume us. Simply remembering the details of our past isn't the point, but finding ways to affirm your present self is. Our wounded parts are liberated through truth and acceptance.

The mission is to commit to acts of self-love and to live consciously; while we seek awareness in everything that influences our actions, values and goals in the best possible way. Choosing a support system that maintains the space for your growth is essential. Select practices that empower harmony within mind, body, and soul. Every day is an opportunity to actively free yourself from your past.