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Supporting your Acenscion


Energy is within and all around us & it never dies

You have been here before and your soul knows it. Past life regression utilizes a deep meditative state to guide you out of the noise of your everyday life and into stillness where you can access your past life memories. It can help you find the answers you're seeking to the challenges you are facing and how to overcome them.

Image by Alexander Tsang

Supports with...

Exploring karmic patterns to understand and learn spiritual lessons

Understanding why you experience déjà vu or have the same dream over and over again

Understanding the origin of fears or health issues that may stem from a past life

Understanding challenges from a past life and resolve them in this life

Transforming negative patterns that keep you stuck

Understanding current challenging relationships more clearly & resolve any unfinished business from a past life

Releasing blocks in all areas of your life

Implementing life changes based on perspectives, solutions, remedies and healthy patterns from a past life

Develop greater self-understanding

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