About Alexmi

"I support Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in releasing all that no longer serves, in order to become your aligned true self + develop more balanced connections with others." 

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Let me start by saying, I am an intuitive psychotherapist and energy healing practitioner in New York. I was born and raised in Washington Heights; a predominantly Latinx and Hispanic community in New York City. I am the daughter of two Dominican immigrant parents and the eldest of six, making me first-generation. Growing up, my father was deported to the Dominican Republic and my mother was left to become a single parent and provider.

As a result of my parents role changing, I was then placed in the matriarch role. I was parentified and often found myself struggling to tend to my own needs and put myself first because I had the needs of my siblings to look after. This lack of boundary setting with self and therefore others, led to a time in which I began to feel disconnected from myself-on a deep spiritual level.

It wasn't until I entered college, and had my first-ever experience with therapy that I learned what trauma was and realized that some of my childhood experiences had a lasting impact on me. Through therapy and the development of my spiritual journey, I began to acknowledge, understand and shed the layers that I had been wearing as a result of my experiences. As I began to heal, I began to feel more in alignment with my true self. It is no wonder, I am now helping others, find themselves.

Spiritually Intuitive

Along with my clinical and professional training, it was important for me to acknowledge the metaphysical abilities that I had been gifted by my lineage. Raised in Division 21 and recognizing that I come from a lineage of intuitive spiritual workers or 'brujas', it felt inauthentic to provide this service without integrating a special part of who I am. 

Through my gifts, I am able to receive visions, messages and information from the spiritual realm that allows me to help clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their experiences. I have come to understand that my purpose has always been to help others find their way back to themselves & reconnect to their spiritual roots.

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  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

    • New York License # 009976

  • Long Island University

    • MS degree Mental Health Counseling

  • College of Mount Saint Vincent

    • BS degree Psychology, Minor Sociology

I have worked ​in numerous non-profit organizations throughout New York City. I have experience with clients of all ages and backgrounds, who come from marginalized and underserved communities. I have been part of multidisciplinary teams and have connected clients to external services, addressed their mental health needs and provided community support.

Specialized Training

Complicated Grief Treatment:​​

  A highly effective treatment ​approach for individuals who are struggling with intense grief that continues to dominate their life and therefore makes the future seem empty.

Positive Parenting Program:​​

  A parenting intervention that increases parent skills, knowledge and confidence and helps decrease the prevalence of mental health, emotional and behavioral problems in children and adolescents.

Autplay Therapy:​​

  A play and behavioral approach to working with children and families that are affected by Autism, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Reiki Energy Healing:​​

  An ancient Japanese practice that channels universal life force energy into the client's body. This activates the client's subtle energy systems (chakras) which removes blocks and aids the body in healing itself. 

Past Life Regression:​​

  A technique where the therapist utilizes a deep meditative state to tap into the subconscious and guide clients in recovering memories of past lives or incarnations.