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Poder Mental
Health Counseling

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Deepening your Awareness


Are you...

Experiencing a life changing situation that can or has impacted you,

Struggling with finding purpose or finding your way through life, 

Feeling disconnected, lost or stuck,

Having difficulty maintaining relationships,

Looking to break generational cycles,

Worrying a lot or struggling with anxiety,

Searching for a therapy style that fits more of who you are, 

Spiritual or open to understanding yourself beyond your physical body,

Putting others first and struggling to take care of yourself

Someone that understands that therapy is an investment for yourself and future

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Therapy can help you

Learn to understand & accept yourself deeper,

Release the grip that trauma may have on you, 

Empower you to speak up and set boundaries,

Intentionally connect with others and build strong relationships,

Find your sense of direction and fulfillment to life,

Experience a relationship that accepts & supports all of who you are,

Understand and decrease your symptoms,

Accept what you cannot control & move forward with what you can,

End ancestral patterns that do not serve you or the future of your lineage,

Create a life designed for and by you

We support you with




Life Transitions






Social Skills





Generational/Ancestral Cycles


Adoption/Foster Care

Identity Concerns





Retail Therapy

Relationship with Parents

Not sure if we can help with what you're seeking, complete this FORM to ask us and we'll let you know!

Working Together

"Trusting the wisdom hidden within you."

In our practice, we...


  • Honor that you have a voice of your own & give you space to tell your story

  • Believe that you know yourself best

  • Work collaboratively with you to develop a treatment that considers all of who you are

  • Respect the role that culture plays in how you have experienced life

  • Understand the impact colonization and capitalism has had on ancestral lineages and how that shows up for you today

  • Offer resources & tools to help you make progress

  • Support you in understanding yourself deeper

  • Encourage your lead through this journey

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Through our work...

  • Understand the changes or concerns that are identified

  • Learn how to best honor yourself

  • Become confident in your ability to manage things in the future

  • Feel empowered to express yourself & needs

  • Develop coping tools & skills to use in real life  

  • Experience healthier relationships

  • Learn to advocate for yourself

  • End cycles from continuing to repeat 

Don't delay the life you know you deserve


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