Living with Intention

Become your ALIGNED true self
Develop BALANCED connections



1-1 sessions with therapist where clients can make sense of and work through patterns of behaviors, past experiences and or current situations.




2-1 sessions with therapist where clients can work through unbalanced dynamics with one other person to develop healthier and more positive connections.



About You

Are you BIPOC

- Feel disconnected from self, stuck, confused and or without a sense of direction or purpose?

- Began to realize that you tend to put others first and struggle to set + hold firm to your boundaries? 

Have grown tired of the same patterns in your life which lead to disappointment + frustration? 

- Have realized that you're part of unbalanced relationships and are interested  in learning how to change them?

- Have tried therapy before and felt disconnected from the traditional process?

- Believe in signs & angel numbers, or have been curious, and are interested in incorporating these practices into your therapeutic process + healing?

- Are into crystals & wondered how to utilize them to influence your daily life & being?

- Believe in spirits and the metaphysical & yearn for a therapeutic space to freely speak of your experiences without judgement?

- Have found yourself feeling the need for support on a spiritual level?


Areas we can help you with:

  • Boundaries

  • Codependency

  • Self-esteem / Self-worth

  • Generational Patterns

  • Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Trauma

  • Stress

  • Life Transitions

  • Spirituality

  • Relationships

  • Inner child/ Reparenting

If you're ready for a DEEP, TRANSFORMATIVE experience,

& the above resonates:

let's work together!

Image by Bash Visual
Colorful Crystal

Working Together

In my practice, I...

  • Do not to tell you where to go or what decisions to make, instead I support and help provide light in the paths you choose to follow

  • Create a calm, grounded and warm space for you

  • Authentically show up, being 100% myself (no uptightness)

  • Incorporate spirituality into sessions; providing spiritual insight or messages to help clients progress through their healing process

Image by Brian Garcia

Through our work, you will...

  • Identify the wounds that you have been carrying

  • Develop an awareness of how these wounds show up in your life & how they impact your spirit

  • Reconnect with your aligned true self

  • Change your relationship with boundaries to create more balanced connections

  • Learn how to honor your light & protect your energy

  • Reclaim your inner power

  • & finally, feel integrated with all your parts 


Please Note: Your progress is dependent on how ready, commited & the amount of work that you put in