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Group Coaching

Honoring the Return Within

Awaken your inner radiance & embody sacred transformation

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Are you ready to release the weight of your mother wound?

'Honoring the Return Within' is a 5-month program designed to help women with a mother wound rekindle the spirit of their inner child and embrace the full radiance of their soul.

Imagine what could happen if

You truly felt the freedom to live life on your own terms.


A life where you could:

Set boundaries without the shame and guilt stopping you


Break generational patterns and do things differently than your mother and ancestors


Fully accept yourself for who you are without trying to meet the expectations others have for you

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Ready to Release:


The fear of being alone limits you from showing the world who you truly are, and keeps you bound to connections that don't serve your highest good anymore


You are self-critical and tend to be hard on yourself, extending more grace to others. The negative beliefs about who you are or what you're capable of keeps you stuck in a loop



As a survival mechanism, you learned to disconnect from yourself and now struggle with trusting your decisions, knowing what you want, how you feel, how to move about life & how to step into your power

You struggle with accepting your flaws and imperfect self, often focusing on the details or doing things the "right" way


Like many of my clients, I reached a point where I felt confused, stuck and disconnected from who I felt in my soul I truly was. I realized that this was the manifestation of my mother wound and that these wounds led to the repeated cycles of self-betrayal, poor boundaries, perfectionism, playing small and much more. With this new awareness though, I didn't know where to start or what to do to break out and free myself.


We all had one thing in common; we were tired of living our adult lives trapped under the conditions of others and the strategies that our inner child had learned to use.

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And maybe you have found yourself where I was

You've tried to be more aware of managing your emotions and setting boundaries, but you end up worried about what others may think about you changing


You've been thinking about creating a life that is in alignment with your needs and goals, one where you can confidently make aligned personal decisions that do not depend on someone else's approval

You're ready to put more intention in your day-to-day life and break these generational cycles, but struggle to find the clarity on where to start




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'Honoring the Return Within' was created to truly help you heal from within & reclaim your power with the support of these three core functions: 


Live & Interactive video modules to help you learn the step-by-step process that will get you to rediscover your true self. Downloadable worksheets and action items are provided to help you fully implement what's being taught


Weekly high-level coaching calls & 2 emotional supportive calls to help you move through the curriculum and work through roadblocks and questions along the way


A private, curated community full of spiritual women on the same journey as you, who will help you stay accountable and supported on your journey to a liberated self

By the end of 'Honoring the Return Within' you'll have everything you need to step into an intentional & divine version of yourself by following this roadmap

Phase One


Discover the foundational awareness needed to tackle the lack of clarity that keeps you feeling stuck and blind to what it is you have been carrying with you. 

Once you understand what is holding you back, you can fully take advantage of how to move forward.

Includes 4 Modules

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Phase Two


Find the connection to your Inner Child so you can learn to understand it's needs, how they show up in your life and honor them

Fully taking care of yourself is simple. Working through your thoughts and feelings about what it means to honor yourself is what allows you to move towards a better relationship and aligned self.

Includes 4 Modules

Phase Three


Adjust your perception around the parts, the stories, and the beliefs you have been carrying along with you. Learn to honor your inner child and be intentional with how you choose to move forward.

Gaining back a sense of control and confidence in who you are depends on how you decide to see yourself, others, your experiences and your thoughts.

Includes 3 Modules

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Phase Four


Gain confidence in using your voice to nurture yourself and set the necessary boundaries to ensure that you continue to step away from the cycles that have kept you hostage.


Becoming the version you seek means nothing if you are afraid of using the power and magic that your voice holds. Maintaining boundaries will help you follow through with the relationship you owe yourself.

Includes 5 Modules

Phase Five

The Return

Stepping out of the conditions you have used to survive your mother wound, opens up space for you to step into who you were meant to be in this life.


Tapping into your spirituality & harnessing your divine gifts helps you lead an intentional life where you feel empowered, connected and supported as you navigate your human experiences and lessons. 

Includes 4 Modules

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What Sets us Apart

🌟 Holistic Alchemy: 

Our program blends the art of reparenting with the wisdom of spiritual teachings, ensuring a holistic journey that nurtures your mind, body, and soul. It is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern understanding.

🌟 Soulful Sisterhood: 

Join a community of like-minded women on similar journeys. In this sacred circle, vulnerability becomes strength, and collective wisdom paves the way for deep-rooted change. Together, we create a nurturing space to uplift and support each other.

🌟 Structured Transformation:

Our 20-week program is intentionally paced and thoughtfully structured, allowing for gradual progress and deep, lasting change. We're committed to your growth every step of the way.


🌟 Soul-deep Rebirth Retreat:

Our retreat has been intentionally curated to be the culmination of all the work you have been doing throughout the 5 months. It is not only a celebratory moment for your commitment to self, but an initiation for the woman you have been birthing and stepping into.

'Honoring the Return Within' is designed to help spiritual women with a mother wound get very specific results.

This is why acceptance into 'Honoring the Return Within' depends on meeting specific criteria.

'HTRW' is for...

Women with a mother wound


Women who are ready to stop avoiding the personal work they know they need to do

Women who want to trade in generational cycles for a new and aligned path

Women who are done living on auto-pilot and want to truly connect with themselves

Women who are tired of putting the needs and feelings of others before their own

Women who know there's more to them & are open to discovering that through spirituality

Women who are ready for a soul deep rebirth process

'HTRW' is not for...

Women who don't identify as having a mother wound

Women who have strong boundaries and healthy relationships with themselves and others

Women who don't see the value in putting themselves first and prioritizing their needs

Women who aren't ready to work through the discomfort of breaking generational cycles 

Women who are not spiritual or are not open to non-traditional spiritual beliefs/views

Women who find comfort in who they are and don't see the need for a soul deep rebirth

Women who aren't ready to be intentional with how they move forward and how they invest in themselves

       your Coach


Hey! I'm Alexmi Polanco

Mama of 2, therapist, bruja and owner of Poder Healing. Through my personal journey, I've reconnected with my  inner child & have come a long way with the healing of my mother wound.  I intentionally try to lead a life that is in alignment with my soul and honors my truth. Though I am human and every day is a challenge, I am proud to say that I have come to master the art of alignment and truth. And I'm here to help you do the same.


Much like you, I had certain childhood experiences that unbeknownst to me, impacted me and who I later became as an adult. This led me down a path where I felt disconnected from myself and engaged in cycles that ultimately were of no real benefit to me. I later realized that they were based on the survival strategies that I came to develop from my mother wound, many of which are also present in my family today.

Throughout my private practice, I have come to work with many clients who come with similar experiences and who struggle with similar obstacles- like a mother wound, inner child wounds and the disconnection of soul & power. There's nothing magical about how I got to where I am at today. But it did require that I go through a gut wrenching soul deep rebirth and cost me relationships. Now, I have a deep understanding of what my foundation had been, honor my  my inner child's needs, tap into my intuition and listen to my soul- which are my highest strengths laid out in 'Honoring The Return Within'.

You'll soon find that I'm a deeply intuitive and healing kinda gal. I like to go deep, show up as my full self, and provide the type of safety that yields lasting change.


I'm guessing you're reading this because you're a woman who's ready to STOP

waiting for people & things to change or fall into place in order for you to start doing the REAL work


feeling frustrated because you struggle to embody the version of yourself you still believe you could be


trying to google or find the answers to the cycles that lead you to disconnect or read all the self-help books, instead of actually investing in a blueprint that will sustain you

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'Honoring the Return Within' was created to unveil the version of you that intentionally walks towards an empowered, magical and liberated self,
free of the wound that limits your fulfillment in life

You’ve been feeling a nudge that perhaps there's more to who you are or can be but lack the guidance and know-how to truly make this work.

You KNOW that going through life with a mother wound isn't sustainable for the type of future you see for yourself.


It’s time to re-evaluate the relationship you have with your inner child so you can break out of these cycles and enjoy living life intentionally and on your own aligned terms.

  • How do I find the right therapist?
    It is important that you find a therapist with whom you feel safe and comfortable sharing your private thoughts and feelings. Therapy is a very vulnerable space and finding someone you feel comfortable with will make all the difference in your healing process. Clients typically report having a "gut" or instinctual feeling that they have found the right therapist. Building trust with any therapist requires some time and is not expected to happen in the first session. I provide a warm, safe and empathic environment where trust can be built and you can feel free to be your true self without judgments.
  • What should I expect in our first session?
    Individual sessions are 50 minutes. The first session is usually different than the later sessions. In the beginning, we will take some time to review your intake paperwork and further get to know you, what brings you to therapy and/or what problems you have been experiencing. This allows us to start developing trust, which is an important part of the healing process.
  • What will therapy be like?
    Therapy is different for each person and with each therapist. Though I cannot tell you what it will feel like, the general census is that you will feel SEEN and UNDERSTOOD. Therapy will be whatever you need it to be, depending on where you are in life and what you bring into sessions. Some individuals walk in to therapy prepared to talk about the nitty gritty while others may take some time to dive deep. No matter your experience with therapy, whether you have been before or this is your first time, it will be a space for you to meet the real you. No judgements, just understanding.
  • Do you prescribe medication?
    As Mental Health Counselors we do not prescribe medication. Referrals to a psychiatrist can be provided should you be interested or as needed. However, we are huge believers in seeing whether therapy can help improve your symptoms or concerns alone. It typically takes about 3-6 months of therapy for you to see any form of progress. If you are interested in medication, it is your decision and this is something we can discuss together and referrals may be provided.
  • Is my information kept confidential?
    Yes, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we ensure it is kept confidential. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone unless we have your written permission. The instances in which we are required by law to disclose your information without your permission is: In the case of suspected child abuse or dependent adult/elder abuse If you threaten serious harm to another person If you threaten to cause imminent harm to yourself and are not cooperating with efforts to ensure your safety If we are ordered by a court judge with a signed subpoena These situations are rare and if they do present themselves, we will inform you of any steps taken.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We are no longer in network with any insurances. For clients who have OUT-OF-NETWORK benefits, we can provide a superbill (detailed bill) for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. We recommend you contact your insurance provider before hand to find out if you have out of network benefits and what is their reimbursement rate. This will let you know how much of what you pay upfront will be reimbursed to you by your insurance provider. We offer limited slots at a reduced fee of $140 for 50-minute sessions. Please note: Reduced rate options are limited slots and dependent upon availability.
  • What is different about 'holistic therapy'?
    The word holistic means wholeness. When working with a client, we do not only focus on their mental health or symptoms. We view each person whole with different interconnecting parts, ex. mind, body, and soul. Therefore, our practice addresses your mental health through the interconnection of your physical and spiritual being. We may also integrate spiritual gifts/abilities and spiritual services, which allow us to tap deeper into your being and what you are experiencing in this lifetime. We may refer or recommend you to our spiritual practitioner for spiritual services to help address or tap into other parts of yourself.
  • How do I pay?
    Payment for therapy sessions are processed electronically. We utilize a HIPPA compliant platform for our sessions that sends you electronic documents for completion, including a credit card form. You may use (debit, credit, FSA or HSA) for session payments. After this point, your payments will be automatically processed and there is nothing more you have to do.
  • What is included in 'Honoring the Return Within'?
    * Access to the curriculum in a private portal to conveniently learn the framework to reparent your inner child, heal your mother wound & step into your divine power through inner child, shadow work and spirituality. * Weekly 60-90 minute virtual, interactive group coaching calls *2 Monthly emotional support groups to help process what may come up during the course of our time together. (optional attendance) *In the 'Enhanced' tier , 2 additional monthly 1-1 calls with Alexmi to go deeper into the work you are doing * 24/7 access to the private Group for unlimited, high-level coaching, support, feedback, and community *Workbooks & integrative assignments to help you implement the curriculum with ease *Access to our Rebirth & Soul Retreat in the Dominican Republic (Feb 9-12)
  • How many hours should I expect to spend on 'HTRW' in order to get results?
    I know life gets full. That's why 'Honoring the Return Within' was designed to give you what you need in order to implement the curriculum into your daily life at your pace. We meet weekly for 60-90 mins during live coaching calls, leaving you with ample time to enjoy everything else in between. Reviewing the value-packed, integrative video trainings, completing the assignments, and engaging in the community can take as little or as much time as you need.
  • Do I have to reside in NY or the USA to join?
    NO! As your Coach, you can reside anywhere around the world. We are not limited by any geographical barriers when it comes to coaching. You do however, need to meet specific criteria regarding a. the mother wound and b. the ways it impacts your life and c. being spiritual or open among others. During our alignment call, we will discuss this further and determine whether this is the right space for what you are seeking.
  • How long will I have access to the curriculum and calls?
    You will maintain access to 'Honoring the Return Within' curriculum and calls during your enrollment of the 20 weeks as 'Honoring the Return Within' is structured to ensure that you create/find/build your divine power while you're here.
  • Will I get 1:1 support in the group?
    The 'Starter' tier includes group support through our frequent coaching calls, two optional monthly emotional support calls and 24/7 access to the private community. Every question during calls and inside of the community receives thorough answers and support until your question is resolved. If you are interested in individualized support, we offer the 'Enhanced' tier that includes an additional two 1-1 monthly calls for individualized support.
  • What is the investment?
    'Honoring the Return Within' is a 4 figure investment with payment plans available for your convenience. Submit an application and schedule your call to discuss in more detail and take advantage of our current promotional discount!
  • Is this therapy?
    Although I am a therapist, this is not therapy. I do, however, bring my expertise from my clinical work to help you overcome the barriers related to implementing the curriculum. If you are in therapy, it can be a great addition to what you’re already doing in sessions. As part of the coaching program, you will have access to 2 monthly emotional support groups where you will meet with a therapist and other group members to help process anything that may come up during the course of your work.
  • What is a Spiritual Practitioner
    A person who has the intuitive abilities to tap into the metaphysical via the Claires. They usually offer spiritual services to assist individuals gain clarity around themselves, their world/experiences, their past, present and future.
  • More on Crystal Reiki Energy Healing...
    Crystals can be a wonderful source of empowerment when dealing with physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual issues. With the power of intention, Reiki and crystal healing properties, this unique service will assist in establishing a connection with your higher self, unification of the soul, access to ancient knowledge and wisdom. The crystal healing provided in the session will link you to the awareness of higher consciousness and healing properties of Mother Earth. Benefits: - Supports overcoming spiritual loneliness and/or symptoms of depression - Awakens gifts of empathic and intuitive consciousness - Helps raise your energy to optimal and balanced levels - Assists in the movement of trapped energy and emotions - Assists in the elimination of behaviors and patterns that are not self serving *Crystals are chosen specifically to suit your needs and will be placed in your aura and Biofield from head to toe
  • More on Sound Healing...
    "The human body is wired to be exquisitely sensitive to sound. The faculty of hearing is one of the first senses to develop in utero and the last to depart before death. In addition to perceiving sound through our ears, we also 'hear' the pressure waves of sound through our skin and the water that makes up 70% of our body. The 'secret' of sound healing has been known by mystics, healers and spiritual teachers since ancient times and is now being echoed in the words of visionary doctors and quantum physicists, who- like ancient mystics- declare that the world is sound and everything is in a state of vibration." - Jonathon Goldman, Pioneer of Sound Healing in the West
  • More on Cord Cutting...
    Relationships aren't all good or all bad. Our relationships can either bring us peace and healing, or they can make us unwell and adversely affect every other area of our lives: finances, personal growth, mental health, spirituality, community and the list goes on. The person in relation to you doesn't have to be someone you have major issues with; it may be someone currently in your life who you love dearly, someone who has transitioned or even someone you haven't seen in decades. When you form any type of relationship with someone, it creates an energetic cord attachment between you. Many times that connection still remains present on an energetic level even after the relationship has ended. Cord cutting can be used for familial and inner child work as well, releasing you from beliefs about yourself and life that were picked up on as a child from parents, guardians, religion and society. Much like how in psychology all the issues that are running our lives subconsciously need to be addressed and changed, cutting cords of attachment does the same work in a much simpler way and has long lasting effects.

You are deserving of a life that's aligned for you
without being stuck in one that doesn't feel good

With the tools and strategies inside of 'Honoring the Return Within', the way you view your childhood, relationships and adult selves is guaranteed to shift. This shift will influence the trust you have with yourself, your interpersonal relationships and how you show up for yourself moving forward, connecting you to your soul and creating ease as you move through your journey on this earth.

It's time to stop denying the pain your mother wound has caused and how it disconnects you from your potential

How much longer will you try to "google" all the ways to do the "self-work", only to feel more disappointed and defeated that you're not seeing any forward movement?

How much more of your capacity will be sacrificed in the name of unconditional love because of your deep fear that you won't be accepted?

How much longer will you quiet your desires of wanting a deeper connection with yourself before you trust that you aren't overacting for wanting more from this season of your life?

Image by Annie Spratt

You don't have to keep functioning from a place of
generational survival & disconnection

You can be the version that "little you" dreamed of and your higher self is calling you towards,

without feeling lost in the process.

The cycles you want to break and the relationships you want to maintain are within reach.

Now it's up to you to take action.

Image by Daniel Schludi

Are you ready?

Your journey to a life of alignment starts with
these 3 simple steps

APPLY: Fill out your brief application form below to schedule your call

DECIDE: Complete the alignment call so we can get a closer look at how 'Honoring the Return Within' can support you in healing your relationship to self

ENROLL: Secure your seat in the program if we collectively decide that this is the next best step for you

Initiate your Rebirth at our
Dominican Republic 

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February 2024

The universe has guided you to this transformative crossroads. 

It's time to step into your Power. 

Honoring the Return Within

HTRW Application
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