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Honoring the Return Within

Are you ready to free yourself from the cycles of your childhood wounds & move forward in alignment with your soul?

stop expecting new results with the same cycles

Next Cohort starts July 3

'HONORING THE RETURN WITHIN' is a 6-month program designed to help women with a history of codependency heal their relationship to self and connect to soul through Inner Child, Shadow Work & Spirituality

Being there for others
has been your norm for as long as you remember




Confidently make your own decisions without the input of your parents or others


Break generational patterns and set a different tone for yourself


Fully accept yourself for who you are without trying to meet the expectations of others

Image by Julie Molliver

...but was this in the plan?


Because you come from a family where you had to ignore yourself to fit in, you continue to play small to accommodate for the feelings and needs of others


Constantly hearing the critical voices of those you have encountered, you are now self-critical and hold negative beliefs about who you are or what you're capable of


Growing up with caregivers who "know best"  or question all your decisions, you now struggle to trust that you know yourself best and find it difficult to truly know what you want, how you feel or how to move about life


Because you come from a family where you weren't really celebrated and instead were reminded of what you could have done better, You now compare yourself to others and feel that you should be further along in life or no longer struggling with the things you currently are


Like my clients, I reached a point where I felt confused, stuck and disconnected from who I felt in my soul I truly was. I realized that this was the manifestation of my inner child wounds and that these wounds led to the repeated cycles of self-sacrifice, poor boundaries, playing small and much more. With this new awareness though, I didn't know where to start or what to do to break out and free myself.


My clients and I all had one thing in common; we were tired of living our adult lives trapped under the conditions of others and the strategies that our inner child had learned to use.

Image by Julia Peretiatko

And maybe you have found yourself where I was

You've tried to be more aware of managing your emotions and setting boundaries, but you're too afraid of what this may do to your relationships


You've been thinking about creating a life that is in alignment with your needs and goals, one where you can confidently make aligned personal decisions that do not depend on someone else's approval

You're ready to put more intention in your day-to-day life and break these generational cycles, but struggle to find the clarity to do it




Image by Annie Spratt

'HONORING THE CHILD WITHIN' was created to help you truly connect with & prioritize your true self with the support of these three core functions: 


Live & Interactive video trainings to help you learn the step-by-step process that will get you to reconnect with yourself. Downloadable worksheets and action items are provided to help you fully implement what's being taught


3 monthly high-level coaching calls to help you move through the curriculum and work through roadblocks and questions along the way


A private, curated community full of millennial women on the same journey as you who will help you stay accountable and supported on your journey to a liberated self

By the end of 'HONORING THE CHILD WITHIN' you'll have everything you need to reconnect with yourself by following this roadmap

Phase One


Discover the foundational awareness needed to tackle the lack of clarity that keeps you feeling stuck and blind to what it is you have been carrying with you. 

Once you know what is holding you back you can fully take advantage of how to move forward.

Module 1: Childhood and Attachment trauma

Module 2:  Emotionally Immature Parents

Module 3:  Codependency

Module 4:  Mind + Body Connection

Image by averie woodard
Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Phase Two


Find the connection to your Inner Child so you can learn to understand it's needs, how they show up in your life and honor them

Fully taking care of ourselves is simple. Working through your thoughts and feelings about what it means to honor yourself is what allows you to move towards a better relationship and aligned self.

Module 1: The Inner Child

Module 2:  Inner Child wounds

Module 3:  The Inner Child in an Adult World

Module 4:  Reparenting your Inner Child

Phase Three


Adjust your perception around the parts, the stories, and the beliefs you have been carrying along with you. Learn to honor your inner child and be intentional with how you choose to move forward.

Gaining back a sense of control and confidence in who you are depends on how you decide to see yourself, others, your experiences and your thoughts.

Module 1: The Inner Critic

Module 2:  Expectations vs Standards

Module 3:  Discovering the Authentic Self

Image by Olga Thelavart
Image by Kadir Celep

Phase Four


Gain confidence in using your voice to nurture yourself and set the necessary boundaries to ensure that you continue to step away from the cycles that have kept you hostage.


Becoming the version you seek means nothing if you are afraid of using the power and magic that your voice holds. Maintaining boundaries will help you follow through with the relationship you owe yourself.

Module 1:  Honoring the Inner Child

Module 2:  Holistic Self-Care

Module 3: Boundaries

Module 4:  Extending Compassion

Module 5: Embodiment of the Inner Voice


a course where you're overwhelmed with information without a real process on how to implement it


a robust system made from my best work to help clients like you develop the tools you need to live life on your terms

'HONORING THE CHILD WITHIN' is designed to help women with a history of codependency get very specific results.

This is why acceptance into 'HONORING THE CHILD WITHIN' depends on meeting specific criteria.

'HTCW' is for...

Women with a history of codependency or childhood parental wounds


Women who are ready to stop avoiding the personal work they know they need to do

Women who want to trade in generational cycles for a new and aligned path

Women who are done living on auto-pilot and want to truly connect with themselves

Women who are tired of putting the needs and feelings of others before their own

'HTCW' is not for...

Women who have strong boundaries and healthy relationships with themselves and others

Women who don't see the value in putting themselves first and prioritizing their needs

Women who aren't ready to work through the discomfort of breaking generational cycles 

Women who aren't ready to be intentional with how they move forward

Women who can't see themselves outside of their relationships

       your Coach


Hey! I'm Alexmi Polanco

I'm Alexmi. Wife, mama of 2, therapist, bruja and owner of Poder Healing. I've learned how to work through my childhood wounds to build a deeper relationship with myself. And I'm here to help you do the same.


Much like you, I had certain childhood experiences that unbeknownst to me, impacted me and who I later became as an adult. This led me down a path where I felt disconnected from myself and engaging in cycles that ultimately were of no real benefit to me. I later realized that they were based on the survival strategies that I came to develop, many of which are also present in my family.

Throughout my private practice, I have come to work with many clients who come with similar experiences and who struggle with similar obstacles- like childhood wounds and the disconnection to self. There's nothing magical about how I got to where I am at today. But it did require that I have a deep understanding of what my foundation had been and honor myself through honoring my inner child- which are my highest strengths laid out in 'The Return'.

You'll soon find that I'm a high-touch kinda gal. I like to go deep, show up as my full self, and provide the type of safety that yields lasting change.


And I'm guessing you're reading this because you're a woman who's ready to stop

thinking that things will eventually change or fall into place without you doing the real work


feeling frustrated because you struggle to embody the version of yourself you once envisioned you would be


trying to google or find the answers to the cycles that lead you to disconnect on social media,

instead of actually investing in a blueprint that will sustain you

Image by Amy Humphries

HONORING THE CHILD WITHIN was created to unveil the version of you that intentionally walks towards your dream of a liberated self, free of the inner child cycles that limit you

You’ve been feeling a nudge that perhaps there's more to who you are or can be but lack the guidance and know-how to truly make this work.

You KNOW that the way things have been for you or how you have felt about yourself and life isn't sustainable for the type of future you want for yourself.


It’s time to re-evaluate the relationship you have with yourself so you can break out of these cycles and enjoy living life intentionally and on your own aligned terms.

You are deserving of a life that's aligned for you
without being stuck in one that doesn't feel good

With the tools and strategies inside of 'Honoring the Child Within', the way you view your childhood and adult selves is guaranteed to shift. This shift will influence the trust you have with yourself, your interpersonal relationships and how you show up for yourself moving forward, creating ease as you move through your journey on this earth.

It's time to stop denying the pain from your childhood wounds and how they still walk with you

How much longer will you try to "google" all the ways to do the "self-work", only to feel more disappointed and defeated that you're not seeing any forward movement?

How much more of your capacity will be sacrificed in the name of unconditional love because of your deep fear that you will be rejected?

How much longer will you quiet your desires of wanting a deeper connection with yourself before you trust that you aren't overacting for wanting more from this season of your life?

Image by Annie Spratt

You don't have to be the person who walks around functioning from a place of survival & disconnection

You can be the version that "little you" could look up to without feeling lost in the process.

The cycles you want to break and the relationships you want to maintain are within reach.

Now it's up to you to take action.

Image by Daniel Schludi

Are you ready?

Your journey to a life of alignment starts with
these 3 simple steps

APPLY, Fill out your brief application form below to schedule your call

DECIDE, Complete the alignment call so we can get a closer look at how 'Honoring the Child Within' can support you in healing your relationship to self

ENROLL, Secure your seat in the program if we collectively decide that this is the next best step for you

You've always been good at being there for others.
Now it's time to be there for little you.

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