RELEASE what does not serve you
Woman hands praying for blessing from go

Energy  is all around and within us. Through our experiences both in this lifetime and our past lives, the accumulation of imbalances occurs. These imbalances can come through traumas, relationships, suffering and more. In order to feel holistically well and live in your purpose, realignment is necessary. Utilizing the techniques and practices of energy healing grants us the opportunity to release what does not serve, rebalance our energy systems or chakras and reconnect to who we truly are.

What is it?

Reiki is an alternative form of healing your mind, body and soul. 


It addresses the problems experienced in your physical body such as illness, hormonal imbalances, sleep problems etc. It is an effective method to address mental concerns by releasing negative emotions, traumas and finding inner-peace. It is ideal for your spirit + soul by connecting you to your intuition, expanding your spirituality & helping you align with your divine purpose.

How does it happen?

Energy is everywhere and it is not bound by space nor time.

Sessions at the moment are remote.


Clients lie down on a massage table while the practitioner lays their hands over the client and channels universal life force energy towards the clients body. This channeling of energy, runs through your body addressing anything that needs to be healed, released and balanced. It helps with realigning your chakras which therefore helps rebalance your mind, body and soul. 

It is not uncommon for clients to have physical manifestations during the process. Clients have reported changes in their body temperature (becoming hot or cold), involuntary body parts moving or jerking, tears, tingling sensations and more.


It is also not uncommon for clients to not feel anything at all. Regardless of your experience during the process, rest assured that the energy is doing its work. 

The universe will never send you energy that you cannot manage.

Therefore, experiences may vary.


If at any point, things become uncomfortable, for any reason, the session can be stopped.

Rebalance your energy