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Supporting your Ascension

You are a spiritual soul inside a human body.


We believe that our people have always held internal magic. Magic that with slavery and colonization has been hidden, white washed or demonized.


Our ancestors knew the ways of the earth, the skies and in between. Reconnecting with ourselves is also a reconnection with our spiritual roots and internal wisdom.


Our services consist of ancestral wisdom and power. Guiding you back to your spiritual roots via connection to self. 

Image by Ashley Batz


Sound healing brings the body, mind and spirit to balance by producing tones, vibrations and frequencies that create a therapeutic atmosphere in and around the body.


This promotes nervous system rebalancing, emotional release and deep rest. The service consists of specific instruments, music, tones and other sonic vibrations in combination with the practitioners extensive knowledge in other healing modalities. 


No need for previous experience.

Image by Conscious Design


Reduce Stress

Improve sleep

Lower blood pressure

Lower cholesterol

Achieve deep relaxation

Remove energetic blocks

Open chakras

Improve mental, emotional & physical health

My reiki session was different from any other I have had... almost unexplainable.

Don't let this be a one time thing


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