Living with Intention

Develop BALANCED Connections
with those you LOVE



Sessions with therapist where families can make sense of and work through patterns of behaviors, past experiences and or conflicts to create change and or more balanced relationships.



About You

Do you & your family

Image by Rajiv Perera

- Wish you were more "normal" or had healthier relationships?

- Often end up arguing and or cutting each other off when conflict arises? 

- Have difficulty communicating with one another or coming to a resolution?

- Have experienced a situation that has changed or shifted the dynamic and are having difficulty getting through it?

Have secrets that are affecting relationships and would like to release them to develop more connection?

- Have roles that you would like to grow or step out of and are uncertain how?

-Have children that are having difficulty adjusting to your new relationship?

Areas we can help you with:

  • Boundaries

  • Codependency

  • Parenting

  • Trauma

  • New step-parent or siblings

  • Grief

  • Abuse

  • Stress

  • Life Transitions

  • Conflict

  • Communication

  • Divorce

If you're ready for a DEEP, TRANSFORMATIVE experience,

& the above resonates:

let's work together!

Working Together

In our practice, we...

  • Do not tell you how to feel or how to behave, you are the expert on yourself and family

  • Create a safe space for ALL feelings and ALL truths

  • Help make space for one another to allow for listening and understanding

  • Help you build positive connections, create boundaries, and repair relationships to maintain balance

Image by Brian Garcia

Through our work, you will...

  • Explore the expectations/messages in culture and how they influence the roles and relationships within families. ​

  • Identify generational patterns, practices and how they shape how we feel, express and share our
    emotions within the family.

  • Identify and explore the non-verbal ways in which family members communicate with one another

  • Reconnect with our own inner-child; to help us connect to your child/ren better

  • Create JOY! Our space will be used for healing; we often spend time comparing ourselves, feeling
    inadequate, this space is going to allow for space to feel moments of vulnerability and feeling


Please Note: Your progress is dependent on how ready, commited & the amount of work that you put in