Integrative Mental Health Consultant

Energy exists all around us and can be felt even greater in spaces where multiple people coexist.

We help REBALANCE spaces outside of the therapeutic relationship.

Social justice - Equity - Mental Health

Energy speaks louder than words


Let's Rebalance Together

As holistic mental health providers, we firmly believe that wellness is not only achieved individually but collectively.


The workplace is where a large portion of time is spent in. The success of an organization + company, foundationally rests on the relationship employees have with work, each other and their sense of productivity. We help develop an inclusive, equitable and mental health-informed workplace culture.


My training and background in people management and relationships make me especially adept at working within organizations. Trained as a systems-thinker, I have a keen eye for identifying how organizational structures and policies have a (relational) impact on internal and external stakeholders as well as your bottom line.

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Good news is ... it doesnt have to stay this way!

We help leadership teams explore and create actionable plans around questions such as:

  • How do we create an environment where staff feel like they belong and that we genuinely care about them?

  • Why is attrition so high and how can we change it?

  • What kind of culture and legacy do we want to create in our organization?

  • Why are our leadership teams missing racial and ethnic diversity and how do we fundamentally change it?

  • How can we create an anti-racist organization?

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