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Alexmi Polanco

I'm a Mom & Healing Bruja

I was born and raised in Washington Heights, a predominantly Latinx and Hispanic community in New York City. I am the daughter of two Dominican immigrant parents and the eldest of six, making me first-generation (& with hella responsibility). At the age of 12, my father was deported to the Dominican Republic and my mother was left to become a single parent and provider of 5 children.

As a result of my parents' roles changing and my mother entering the workforce, I transitioned into matriarch and became parentified. Shortly after that, a truck hit my mother and tore her ACL, which required surgery and disabled her. Growing up, I often struggled to prioritize myself and my own needs because I had the needs of my siblings and mother to look after. This inability to set boundaries with oneself and others eventually made me feel disconnected from myself on a deep spiritual level. 
It wasn't until I entered college and had my first-ever experience with therapy that I learned what trauma was and was able to witness how some of my childhood experiences had a lasting impact on me.

Through therapy, and later with my father's death, I was catapulted into my spiritual journey and began to acknowledge, understand and shed the layers that I had been wearing due to my early life experiences. As I began to heal and go within, I began to feel more in alignment with my true self. It is no wonder I am now helping others reconnect with themselves.I understand that my experiences were necessary to help me do what my soul came here to do:

To guide and  to heal.

Working Together

"Supporting you in meeting your raw, unedited self and break the generational cycles that keep you from living life the way your soul was intended to."

My approach to therapy is not traditional. It is trauma sensitive & rooted in the honoring of our ancestral knowledge, spiritual gifts and the magic that you internally possess. 

It is collaborative, grounding yet mystical. I may incorporate oracle cards, channel messages from the spirit realm, tap into your energy field and listen to my intuition to best understand what you may need. 

Through our work, you will get to meet who you truly are and gain practical, somatic, spiritual and mental tools to free yourself from the shackles that are currently limiting you. 


Let's discover the magic that you carry within

Image by Ellie Ellien



  • Mental Health Counselor, NY #009976​

    • NPI #: 1770095978


  • Long Island University, MS Mental Health Counseling

  • College of Mount Saint Vincent, BS Psychology

Specialized Training:

  • Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy

  • Positive Parenting Program

  • Autplay

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Past Life Regression

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

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