About  Us

In a world that can feel chaotic and uncertain, living in alignment with our highest self and purpose can lead to an intentional life designed by you and for you.

We are firm believers that in order to achieve optimal health, fulfillment and inner freedom, we need to tend to the whole self: mind, body & soul.

Our approach to wellness is grounded in ancestral knowledge, spirituality and resiliency. Utilizing our professional expertise and the gifts our ancestors have granted us, we help you release what does not serve, reconnect with your inner light and reclaim your divine liberation.

Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska

Our Story

Alexmi quickly realized that she was feeling unfulfilled in her career due to the constraints under which she was working at in a community mental health clinic. Witnessing how the medical model was at the foundation of the work she was expected to provide, and profit was being prioritized over clients, experiencing burnout was a given. It felt inauthentic and paralyzing to provide such an essential service for her community in a way that did not align with her morals, perspective, ancestral roots + gifts, and ultimately her purpose. 

After giving birth to her son and while being on maternity leave, Alexmi focused on making her vision of what felt right for her a reality: Integrating mental health & spirituality. Thus Poder Healing was born and ready to be presented to the world right when the pandemic began, and her community needed to be supported the most.

At Poder Healing, we help you heal by getting to the root of your concerns and helping you: release what does not serve, reconnect with your inner light, and reclaim your liberation

a journey that many of our ancestors were deprived of.

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